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About the Artist

In July of 2013, fabulous Northwest artist and childhood friend, Jen Evenhus, encouraged me to take one of her pastel workshops.  I fell in love with the medium immediately: its pure color pigmentation, the fluidity of application, and its challenge. Since then, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery, painting whatever inspires me.  I have returned to what I loved to do even as a tiny child, when I first drew on the condensation of the kitchen window.

When I was a little girl my mother encouraged me with art camps, private lessons and school art classes.  In college I pursued a double major in Education and Art.  After two years, I made the difficult decision to drop my Art major to finish my Education degree. I began my career teaching special needs children and spent the last 13 years as a Primary School Librarian.  Now in retirement, I am joyfully rediscovering and cultivating my passion for painting and the adventures it brings.

My husband and I like to combine the artists’ workshops I attend with travel, to regions such as the American Southwest, Wyoming, Colorado, Italy and France.  I take many photo references for future paintings and paint at times in Plein Air, a term derived from the famous French Impressionists who were passionate about painting from life outdoors.

My studio paintings are a product of my memories experiencing that moment with nature, evoking the sounds, sights, temperature and essence of the surrounding views.  My hope is that I have translated those feelings back to the viewer, and that my paintings transport you there.

I am honored to have recently become a Signature Member of the Northwest Pastel Society and to have served as a co-administrator of the Pastel Society of America Facebook group from to 2015 to present.

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